At Helix Finance, we pride ourselves on being a well-known boutique accounting firm dedicated to delivering personalized services tailored to the unique needs of our esteemed clients comprising small and medium-sized businesses.

Our commitment lies in consistently providing solutions that align with the requirements of our clients. We intentionally maintain a modest size within our firm as a deliberate choice.

This purposeful approach enables us to grow intimate relationships with our clients, offering a personalised service experience that fosters trust and understanding. With us, you gain direct access to a committed team that holds a comprehensive understanding of your business objectives and requirements.

Our portfolio of bespoke services has been carefully developed to meet every need of our clients.

Helix Finance

Some of the services we offer

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Managing financial records and transactions to ensure accurate and organized financial reporting

Assistance with Finance Department Setup

Optimize efficiency and control with structured finance department setups and training

Government Schemes & Grants

Unlock financial support and growth opportunities through government incentives

VAT Services

Assistance with VAT compliance or Vat advice

Tax Services

Assistance with regulatory compliance or advice

Payroll Services

Streamline payroll processing, reduce errors, and ensure timely payments

Mergers and Acquisitions

Facilitating seamless transitions and strategic partnerships for business growth

Liquidation and Dissolutions

Navigating the process of closure and dissolution with efficiency

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

At Helix Finance, we’re experts in accounting and bookkeeping services that make running your finances easily. We ensure the latest in technology is used which will help your team focus on essential tasks while we handle the numbers in an efficient and effective manner.

Our services include everything you need for smooth financial operations:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Set up of accounting program and processes using latest technology
  • Internal Financial Reporting & Management Accounting
  • Expert Guidance on Complex Transactions
  • Audit Coordination Services
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Finance Procurement Assistance
  • Collaborative Support During Statutory Audits

Partner with Helix Finance to gain knowledge and assistance in managing the complicated world of financial management.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Family planning

We specialize in providing comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), delivering expertise in a broad range of areas, including cross-border mergers, company acquisitions, and family asset transfers tailored for succession planning purposes.

Whether it’s navigating complex legal and regulatory landscapes, conducting thorough due diligence, or structuring deals to maximize value, we are committed to delivering tailored answers that meet the unique needs and goals of each client.

With our guidance, businesses can confidently navigate the
complexities of M&A transactions and grab opportunities for growth and expansion with confidence whenever needed.

Government Schemes & Grants

Our team is highly experienced in navigating Local and EU funding opportunities. We’re here to assist
you every step of the way, ensuring your application process is smooth and successful.
Trust our expertise to increase your chances of obtaining the funding you require for your projects.

Tax Services

At Helix Finance, we offer an extensive array of tax services designed to ensure compliance while maximising tax efficiency. Our comprehensive offerings include:

Corporate Tax Compliance: We manage your corporate tax obligations with precision and expertise, from annual tax returns to related forms.

Preparation of Malta Tax Refund Application Forms: We handle all aspects of tax refund applications, including dividend warrants, directors’ and shareholders’ resolutions, and shareholder registrations.

Group Restructuring: Navigate mergers, acquisitions, divisions of companies, and cross-border transactions with confidence through our tailored group restructuring services.

Tax Planning: Optimize your business structure selection and leverage tax relief under Maltese
legislation with strategic tax planning guidance.

General Tax Advisory Services: Our experts provide comprehensive tax advisory services tailored to Maltese taxation laws, covering areas such as intra-group transfers, stamp duty, capital gains, and cross-border issues.

Obtaining Tax Rulings: We facilitate the process of obtaining tax rulings from the Commissioner for Revenue for complex structures.

Liaison with Maltese Tax Authorities: Trust our team to handle communication and negotiations with Maltese tax authorities on your behalf.

Interpretation of Malta’s International Tax Treaties: We analyze and interpret Malta’s international tax treaties to mitigate double taxation risks at both corporate and individual levels.

For personal clients, we provide: Tailored Comprehensive Assistance: Receive personalised support to address individual tax needs effectively.

Registration and Preparation of Tax Returns: We handle registration with tax authorities and the preparation of tax returns for individuals.

Support with Social Security Contributions and Provisional Taxes: Our team assists with the settlement of social security contributions and provisional taxes, which ensure compliance.

Representation and Liaison with Tax Authorities: We represent and link with tax authorities on behalf of individuals who advocate for their best interests.

Assistance with Relocation to Malta: Whether you’re considering relocation or already in Malta, we provide guidance and support throughout the process.

Count on our expertise and commitment to deliver tailored tax solutions that align with your goals and ensure compliance in an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

VAT Services

Our VAT services offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that ensure compliance and effective management of Value Added Tax. We provide:

  • VAT accounting services
  • Electronic submission of VAT returns, Recapitulative Declarations, and EU VAT refund claims
  • VAT training sessions to enhance understanding and compliance
  • Guidance in obtaining the EXO number for seamless transactions
  • VAT advisory services for strategic guidance and compliance optimization
  • VAT checks to identify and address potential VAT exposure

Rely on our experienced team to provide tailored solutions and expert guidance to solve the

difficulties of VAT regulations and agreement requirements

Payroll Services

Experience the ease and efficiency of our comprehensive payroll services, which are designed to simplify your monthly payroll cycles. Our offerings include:
  • Outsourced payroll bureau services to ease the trouble of payroll management.
  • Expert assistance in implementing payroll software to streamline data capture, which ensures seamless payroll processing.

Liquidations and dissolutions

Additionally, we extend our services to include liquidation and dissolution assistance for clients, which provides end-to-end support in the dissolution of companies.

Trust our expertise to handle each step of the process with accuracy and concern! With our dedicated guidance, clients can navigate the complexities of closure efficiently while minimising risks and maximising returns.

Strengthening Your Finance Department: Training Support & Recruitment Services

At Helix Finance, we offer more than just a wide range of services; we specialize in identifying and filling gaps within our clients’ finance departments while providing invaluable support in training internal
teams. We recognize that each business faces particular difficulties in its financial operations.

That’s why our team of knowledgeable professionals stands out in classifying inefficiencies and developing tailored solutions to address them effectively.

Collaborative Solutions for Your Unique Needs:
We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements, goals, and resources.

Drawing upon our expertise and in-depth knowledge, we work hand in hand to implement effective processes, influence cutting-edge technologies, and optimize workflows to enhance the efficiency and
accuracy of financial operations.

By identifying and correcting these gaps, we allow internal finance departments to operate seamlessly and independently, with the assurance of our ongoing support whenever needed.

Empowering Through Knowledge Transfer:
We are committed to empowering internal teams to become self-sufficient in managing financial matters, recognizing the importance of knowledge transfer.

Our dedicated professionals provide comprehensive training and guidance designed to equip your finance department with the skills and knowledge required for successfully handling complicated financial tasks and challenges.

We ensure that your team receives personalised training programs designed to enhance their capabilities and unlock
their full potential.

Experience the difference with Helix Finance – where excellence meets authorization in finance department management. Let us guide your team towards financial success and wealth!

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